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Personal Safety While on Bonaire

Bon Bini! Welcome to Bonaire! Whether this is your first visit or you are returning to the island, we hope that your stay is safe, pleasurable and fun.

Bonaire is, overall, a safe island.  However, on rare occasions, robbery and thefts do occur. Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the following information.

Awareness is the first step to preventing a potential incident.

It is always wise to be cautious and use common sense while traveling, just as you would at home. Following, is a list of precautions to take during your stay:

  • Lock your hotel doors and windows while sleeping and when you leave your room.
  • Place all valuables in your in-room safe, also during the night.
  • Do not leave items unattended on your porch or balcony.
  • Do not leave valuables in sight in your accommodation.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car.
  • Stay in populated areas while in-town and late at night.
  • If you notice something strange or unfamiliar, call the police at +(599) 717-8000 or +(599) 715-8000.

While it is unlikely, if you do find yourself involved in an incident, please take the following actions:

  • If you are in an emergency situation, call 911 to notify the police and ask for assistance.
  • If the incident takes place at your hotel, notify hotel management immediately.
  • The police can contact the Bureau Slachtoffer Hulp (Crime Help Center) or you may call them directly at +(599) 717-6181. The Crime Help Center was established to attend to every possible need, both emotionally and administratively, for victims of any crime no matter how small.
  • If the incident concerns a traffic accident, you may contact Bonaire Security Force at +(599) 717-7711 or +(599) 795-7711 to take your report, this report is accepted by insurance companies.

When visiting any place, travelers should be careful, and Bonaire is no exception. Nevertheless, Bonaire is a peaceful island that welcomes many visitors back yearly without incident. Enjoy your time on Bonaire, and all of the wonderful treasures that our island has to offer.

Recommended Check-in Times:

Domestic:  2 hours

International:  3 hours

Always check with your airline to see if they require additional time for check-in.