Landing, Parking, & Other Fees


The charges set out hereunder apply to all aerodromes within the Dutch Caribbean.

Unless an alternative arrangement has been made, all charges for use of the aerodromes are payable by the pilot of the aircraft on demand, or before the aircraft departs from the aerodrome.  Please note that all fees and charges are subject to change.

Aeronautical Charges:

Passenger Facility Charges (PFC) per passenger:

  • International:  US$ 36.05
  • Domestic:  US$ 9.27

Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) per passenger:

  • International:  US$ 5.00
  • Domestic:  US$ 2.50

Landing Fees:

  • Basis: Maximum Take-of Weight (MTOW)
  • Per tonne or part therof: US$ 2.88
  • Aircraft weighing up to 3 tonnes of MTOW: US$ 10.10

Parking Fees per 1 ton MTOW:

  • First two hours parking free of charge.
  • From two hours to two days:  US$ 0.56
  • From three to thirty days: US$ 0.28
  • After thirty days:  US$ 0.14

Apron Lighting Fee Per Hour:

  • 19.00 hours to 05:00 hours: US$ 2.28

Waste Management Fee:

  • Per Arriving International Flight: US$ 30.00

Push-Back Fee:

  • Per Push-back/forward:  US$ 80.00

Other Charges:

Airside Driver Permit (per driver):  US$ 40.00

Airside Vehicle Permit (per vehicle): US$ 40.00

Airport ID (Security) Badge (per person): US$ 25.00

Security/Safety Awareness Training (per person): US$ 25.00


Car Parking Charges:

Employee Car Parking Fee:

  • Per employee per month: US$ 10.00
  • If paid full (March – December 2016) in advance:  US$ 80.00

Car Parking Subscription Rates (inclusive 6% ABB):

  • 1 month: US$ 59.36
  • 3 months: US$ 148.40
  • 6 months: US$ 296.80
  • 1 year:  US$ 593.60

Car Parking:

  • Short-term parking per hour, with maximum of US$ 12.00 per 24-hour cycle:  US$ 1.00
  • Long-term parking per hour, with maximum of US$ 6.00 per 24-hour cycle:  US$ 1.00
  • Lost car parking ticket, short-term, per day: US$ 12.00
  • Lost car parking ticket, long term, per day:  US$ 6.00

Rent Premises (suggested starting rate):

  • Offices, per square meter, per month:  US$ 22.86
  • Storage, per square meter, per month:  US$ 13.06