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Fueling at Bonaire International Airport

Curoil Bonaire

Address: Plasa Medardo S.V. Thielman #1
Phone: +(599) 717-2142 Operation 24 hours
+(599) 717-2145 Coordinator
+(599) 717-2140 Administration
Fax: +(599) 717-2141
E-mail: vjanga@curoil.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Coordinator: E. V. Janga (Lio), Supervisor Bonaire: Mr. R. Davelaar

Jet Fuel:

The cost of jet fuel does change weekly, so interested parties may contact Curoil by email to get the current price.

Tankfarm Storage:

Two on-shore tanks each 630,000 gallons capacity


Two refuelers each 15,000 gallons capacity

One refueler:

10,000 gallons capacity

Operations Hours:

06:00 to 23:00

Aviation Cards Accepted:

U-Vair, Multiservice, Avcard, or cash payments.Every 14 days Jet A1 fuel is received via tanker from the Curacao Refinery.  The facility has use of its own fuel jetty and the fuel is transported via a 6-inch pipeline to our on-shore tanks.

Recommended Check-in Times:

Domestic:  2 hours

International:  3 hours

Always check with your airline to see if they require additional time for check-in.