Facilities & Services


► Taxis
Car rentals (there are several companies located at the airport)
► Parking (see below)
► Financial services (ATM machine located in the public area)
► Restaurants (in public area and departure hall)
► Souvenir shop (in public area and departure hall)
► Liquor shop (in departure hall, sells liquor, tobacco and Dutch cheese)
► Perfume shop (in departure hall)
► Public telephones (credit card calls, collect calls, calling card calls and prepaid card calls).
► VIP lounge

The arrivals and departure halls are located on the ground floor and can be accessed by disabled passengers. Wheelchairs are provided by individual airlines, who will assist  passengers onto the aircraft; passengers requiring wheelchairs and special assistance should inform their airline prior to travel.


Airport Tax

The Passenger Facility Charge, better known as the Airport Tax, is incorporated in your airline travel ticket.


Parking Rates at Flamingo Airport

The first 5 minutes are free for the quick drop off or pick up of passengers in the short term parking area.

Short  & Long Term ParkingPer Hour:  USD $1.00

Maximum per day

  • Short term  USD $12.00 per day
  • Long term   USD $6.00 per day

Bills and Coins accepted by Pay Machine

  • Bills:   USD 1.00, USD 5.00, USD 10.00, USD 20.00
  • Coins:  USD 0.25, USD 1.00

Lost Ticket

  • Short term  USD 12.00 per day X number of days parked
  • Long term   USD 6.00 per day X number of days parked