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Summary of 2016 Passenger Data and Statistics

It should be noted that during year 2016, as compared to the previous year 2015, we have seen a healthy growth in our International Passengers movements of 12.3% (See Air Transport Passenger Breakdown Year to date 2016.)

Destinations originating internationally:

As to the Commercial Aircraft Operators, i.e., airlines operating direct to an International destination from Bonaire, we can observe the following trends:

United Airline (UAL):

  • On the Houston (IAH) – BON city pair, we have experienced a decrease in the passenger & flight (movements) in year 2016, primarily due to less movements compared with year 2015.
  • As to the Newark (EWR) – BON city pair, an increase in passengers & flights in year 2016 compared with year 2015 was recorded and this in particular due to the increase that was recorded in the month of June 2016 onward.


  • Had an increase in passengers and flights in year 2016. This was mainly due to KLM’s additional flight on day 7 (Sundays) that will continue to operate throughout the Winter Season (OCT 16 – MAR ’17)

Delta Airline (DAL):

  • We are very proud to report that Delta Airline was the airline which had the greatest increase in year 2016 (41.6% in passengers) this was due an increase(51.5%) in frequency, adding additional flights on Tuesdays and Fridays during their Winter Schedule 2016, and those flights will continue until January 10, 2017.


  • Had an increase in passengers and flights in year 2016 compared with year 2015. TUIFLY did maintain their 3 weekly frequencies to Bonaire that was initiated in year 2015.

Destinations originating domestically:

As to the domestic scenario, we can observe that we have experienced a decrease of 8.4% in passenger movements.

Domestic Air Transport is provided by those Aircraft Operators which are airlines operating within the former Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Curacao, St Maarten) as follow:

Insel Air:

  • Had a significant decrease in passenger and flight (movements) in year 2016, Insel Air initiated year 2016 by discontinuing all BON- AUA flights and then followed by dropping frequencies by means of cancellations in the month of SEP and following months including DEC 2016.
  • Insel Air recorded a 20.7% decrease in flights (movements) to BON and a 11.6% drop in passengers movements.

Divi Divi Air:

  • Had an increase in passengers (14.2%) and flights (6.5%) in year 2016 compared with year 2015, they added extra flights during the holiday season (December 2016).

EZR Air:

  • Had a decrease in passengers in year 2016 compared with year 2015.

Universal Caribbean Airline (UCA):

  • Had an increase in passengers & flights in year 2016 compared with year 2015.

General Aviation (corporate flights departing to international destinations):

PVT Int’l:

  • This section shows a decrease in passengers but an increase in flights in year 2016 as compared to year 2015.
  • Cargo Data is still missing for NOV & DEC 2016 (pending official release from CUSTOMS).

Summary 2016:

Based on the poor performance of the Domestic Market, the overall growth in passengers and flight movements for BIA was flat in year 2016.

Recommended Check-in Times:

Domestic:  2 hours

International:  3 hours

Always check with your airline to see if they require additional time for check-in.