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BIA Celebrates Civil Aviation Day with a FOD-Walk

Wednesday, 7th December, 2016 is Civil Aviation Day, first celebrated back in 1994.  BIA will celebrate this landmark day with a FOD-walk.

Foreign object debris (FOD) is a substance, debris, or article alien to a vehicle or system which would potentially cause damage, particularly in an aviation or aerospace setting.  It is imperative for safe operations to keep the runway and platform free of any FOD.

The ICAO Council’s motto is, “Working Together to Ensure No Country is Left Behind,” and at BIA, with this next FOD–Walk, we are amending that to say, “Working Together to Ensure No FOD is Left Behind.”

Thereby BIA would appreciate the participation of all organizations on the premises of the airport, to help commemorate this special day, especially those making use of the air-side at Flamingo Airport.  Besides BIA personnel, we invite all ground handlers, airlines, KMAR, Customs, RFFS, Swissport, CUROIL, Always Green, JCT Cleaning, Fundashon Mariadal, Tower, and Bonaire Aviation to participate.

The FOD-Walk will take place on 7th December from 10:25 AM to 11:25 AM.  It commences at the parking stand #6 and will end just past the Curoil building.  There will be refreshments for all participants, and a keepsake from Papa Pasku.  Do remember to bring your safety vest and shoes, and please join us to keep your Flamingo Airport FOD-free.

(Source:  BIA Operations)




Bonaire International Airport Highlighted in July 28, 2016 Edition of Airport World

BIA is proud to have been identified and highlighted in the July 28th, 2016 edition of Airport World, which is the magazine of the Airports Council International, as a prime example of the newly revised and ACI-endorsed Level of Service (Los) framework.  The LoS provides an airport with a single set of globally accepted passenger service guidelines.

Developed by IATA in partnership with ACI World, the LoS concept is the answer to measuring an airport’s passenger terminal against optimal industry performance and cost efficiency.  Whether gauging current service levels or planning for future infrastructure development, LoS is vital for airports to maximize returns on their capital and operating expenditures, while keeping a great passenger experience at the center of their operations.

The article stated that Bonaire International Airport (Flamingo Airport) was a prime example of the success of the LoS concept.  The article stated,

Our confidence in the merits of LoS as a critical benchmark for airport operators was clearly demonstrated during IATA’s recent work at Flamingo International Airport (BIA) in Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles. Bonaire is a small Dutch island nestled in the sunny southern Caribbean. In recent years, its tourism economy and air traffic demand have developed faster than its airport infrastructure. As a result, long winding lines and space constraints were commonplace at this seaside airport during peak periods.

With further growth on the horizon, BIA contracted IATA Consulting to perform a comprehensive LoS Assessment Study of a planned terminal expansion. The general objective of BIA’s terminal development plan is to handle future peak demand, providing an Optimum service level, until 2020.

los_biaThe article continued,

With IATA’s new LoS concept as an evaluating framework, the team was able to identify certain design weaknesses and propose an improved layout, significantly shortening waiting times and reducing line lengths, optimizing space utilization.  The design change came with minimal additional costs, but considerably enhances the passenger experience and the operational efficiency of the process. And this is just one example of many improvements the LoS Assessment Study brought.

BIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Nicolaas, was also quoted in the article.  He stated,

The IATA team was very committed to delivering a high quality product.  They carried out extensive research to understand the needs of Bonaire Flamingo International Airport and this allowed them to develop a revised terminal expansion plan that balanced infrastructure design and costs.

In my opinion, IATA’s work in terms of service quality, timely delivery, and value for money exceeds the competition–I definitely highly recommend IATA Consulting for all airport development projects.

The entire article can be viewed on the web site of Airport World, by clicking here.

(Source:  Airport World Magazine)



BIA Welcomes Safety & Quality Assurance Specialists

Bonaire International Airport NV (BIA NV) warmly welcomes the Safety & Quality Assurance specialists from the airports of Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Surinam, and Antigua & Barbuda to the 11th Island Airport Safety Committee (IASC) meeting on May 16-20, 2016.


 About the 11th IASC meeting:

The 11th IASC meeting will be hosted by the BIA NV from May 16-20, 2016. The Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino will be the main location where the meeting will be held. The first two days of the meeting will be dedicated to lectures and addressing safety topics of interest to all the participating airports, while the last three days of the meeting will be dedicated for the professionals as a team to perform a safety audit of the Flamingo Airport. This year extra attention will be given to the RFFS in preparation for an audit to BIA from the Dutch Ministry of inspections ILT. On the last day of the conference a summary of the shortcomings detected are being presented to the BIA Management in the form of a power point presentation and an official audit report from the IASC will follows.

Over the years, the IASC meeting has made its name as an important airport safety events within the above mentioned airports, addressing safety topics and the performance of the safety audit. In 2006 this IASC has initiated in Aruba after a Safety Management System training. Last year the 10th year of the IASC meeting have been celebrated in great manner in Curacao with a summit and the traditional meeting. The IASC meeting is being held once a year and every time one of the participating airports will host the meeting.

During the IASC meeting this year attention will be given the topic of airport development, due to the fact that the Flamingo Airport is in development. The IASC meeting itself will contribute to enhance the airfield safety at the participating airports and creating opportunity to exchange knowledge within the airports in the region.

This year the 11th IASC meeting will be chaired again by the Delegation from Aruba, Mr. Andry Lopez. Further, during this meeting the new chairman for the upcoming two years will be appointed/elected. According to the bylaws of the IASC, every two years a new Chairman and Secretary will be elected.

The point of contacts from BIA for this 11th IASC meeting is the Safety & Quality Assurance Officer Mr. Nilo Emerenciana with his assisting Organizational Committee consisting of Vanessa Tunk, Yandra Finies, Burnly Goeloe, Julio Statie, and Gregorio Matthew.

The IASC meeting is always very well organized, and attended by the majority of the mentioned airports in the region with 2-4 persons per airport, so Flamingo Airport looks forward to welcoming about 15 to 20 IASC delegates.