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CN-Express Connects Windward Islands with Bonaire

The initial CN-Express flight arrived on Bonaire today.

CN-Express provides a direct air link between the BES Islands and Sint Maarten.

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) have joined forces to establish a direct air link between Bonaire and the Windward islands. Last week, Ruud Peters (Head of the Shared Service Organization RCN) signed the agreement with Winair on behalf of BZK and this morning Bonaire International Airport welcomed the first CN-Express flight to Bonaire.

After hurricanes Irma and Maria, the important international hub of St. Maarten experienced difficulties. Sister BES islands Saba and St. Eustatius are in need of extra accessibility to support economic development, medical referrals, and commuter traffic.

CN-Express provides an air link between the BES Islands.CN-Express flight schedule.

Under the name of CN-Express, there are now flights every Monday and Friday for a period of three months. After six weeks, the CN-Express will be evaluated and it will be determined if it meets the needs of the BES islands.

Equipment used for CN-Express flights.

An ATR42 aircraft from Air Antilles will be used to fly the new route. This 48-seat aircraft will fly between St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Bonaire. A Winair Twin Otter feeder is then used to connect Saba with St. Eustatius. The direct flight between Bonaire and Statia will take about two hours.

Seats are available to the public.

RCN has purchased a number of seats on each flight for medical referrals and employees. In addition, a fixed amount of seats will be sold on the free market. Tickets are priced $300 for a one-way trip. This price applies to the flights BON-EUX, BON-SAB and BON-SXM (or vice versa). Airport taxes and booking fees are additional.

Although it was originally planned for the CN-Express to commence flights in January 2018, additional efforts were required by all parties in order to finalize the agreement with WinAir, which, in the months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, was focusing upon restoring their existing routes.

For information about tickets, please contact BON Travel ( or visit

(Source:  RCN)


Bonaire and Delta Celebrate Ten Years of Flights from Atlanta to Bonaire

Bonaire celebrates with Delta on the occasion of their ten-year anniversary of flights to the island.

On Saturday, 10 February, 2018, BIA marked another major milestone in Bonaire’s aviation history when the island of Bonaire celebrated ten years of successful, reliable flight service from Delta’s Atlanta hub to Bonaire. Delta’s flight crew, on behalf of the entire Delta team, was honored on Saturday with a ceremony and presentation of gifts upon their arrival at the airport.

Delta first began non-stop service from Atlanta to Bonaire in 2008.

Delta Air Lines inaugurated service to Bonaire for the first time on February 9, 2008. In the decade since that first flight, Delta has been responsive to Bonaire’s growing demand for flight services, adding in capacity and frequency as the island steadily built its tourism infrastructure. Delta’s confidence in Bonaire’s tourism industry, along with their willingness to provide the assets to support its growth, has assisted with raising awareness of Bonaire as a unique and appealing Caribbean destination.

Delta’s flight was welcomed upon arrival with a water cannon salute by Bonaire’s Fire Brigade. The Director of Tourism, Mr. Maurice Adriaens, personally welcomed the passengers as they disembarked the aircraft. Arriving passengers were immediately immersed in Bonaire’s culture upon exiting the luggage claim area, as local music played to greet them, and gifts of Bonaire Sea Salt Pyramids, courtesy of Mr. Saltman, were provided.

“The island of Bonaire is delighted with the successful partnership it has enjoyed with Delta over the past decade. Delta has proven to be an asset, with their flexibility in augmenting additional flights or scheduling larger planes, as demand increases. We look forward to celebrating many more ten-year anniversaries with Delta in the future,” said Mr. Adriaens.

(Source:  Tourism Corporation Bonaire)



BIA Welcomes Divi Divi Air’s Twin Otters

Divi Divi Air’s New Twin Otters to provide service between Bonaire and Aruba and Curacao.

On Monday, 29 January 2018, BIA welcomed the inaugural flight of Divi Divi Air’s new Twin Otter, as they commenced flights between Bonaire, Aruba, and Curacao.

A welcoming party made up of Bonaire’s Lt. Governor, the Honorable Edison Rijna, along with the Director of Tourism, Maurice Adriaens, welcomed the owner of Divi Divi Air, Mrs. Germaine Richie-Durand, on the first official flight of Divi’s new service with two 19-seater Twin Otters.

Divi Divi Air has been providing service between Bonaire and Curacao for the past 17 years with Islander planes accommodating eight passengers.  The two new Twin Otters can now accommodate 19 passengers.

The details of the revised flight schedule including the Twin Otters are being finalized but should be available shortly via Divi’s website.


American Airlines to Commence Nonstop Flights to Bonaire from Miami

The Island of Bonaire signs contract with American Airlines to begin weekly service.

On December 21st, 2017, Bonaire’s Director of Tourism, Mr. Maurice Adrieans, along with island government officials, signed a new contract with American Airlines which will commence non-stop service from Miami to Bonaire in June 2018.


Flights from Miami to Bonaire commence in June 2018.

Utilizing an Airbus A319 aircraft with 128 seats, American Airlines will begin flight service from Miami, in the United States, to Bonaire on June 9, 2018.  The flights have been added to American’s reservation system, and are now available for booking. Check with American Airlines to view availability.

Planned flight schedule.

The planned flight schedule for Saturdays is as follows:

  • The AA flight will depart Miami at 12:05 PM, arriving on Bonaire at 3:13 PM.
  • The return flight will depart Bonaire at 4:05 PM, arriving in Miami at 7:15 PM.




BIA Welcomes Sunwing, with Direct, Non-Stop Flights from Toronto to Bonaire

On Sunday, 17 December 2017, Bonaire International Airport, along with the island’s government and tourism officials, the private sector, and press, welcomed Sunwing’s inaugural flight from Toronto to Bonaire.

Sunwing will operate a weekly flight between Toronto and Bonaire that departing each Sunday now through 15 April 2018.  This service provides the only direct, non-stop service from Canada to Bonaire. A festive and gala reception and press conference was held to welcome Sunwing’s flight crew.


Bonaire International Airport Welcomes Aruba Airlines

Aruba Airlines initiated their new flight service to Bonaire on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

A full water-cannon salute was given to the arriving passengers.

Upon arrival, the passengers were honored with a full water-cannon salute, compliments of Bonaire’s fire department.  Flamingo Airport’s terminal was festive with typical Bonairean music playing and refreshments and Bonaire mementos for the arriving passengers.

Bonaire’s Lt. Governor heads the welcoming committee.

Dignitaries from the airline and the Transportation Ministry in Aruba were warmly welcomed by a committee made up of Bonaire’s Lt. Governor, the Honorable Edison Rijna, governmental commissioners, and representatives from the island’s tourism office.

About Aruba Airlines’ schedule and equipment.

The flight schedule starts with four roundtrip flights per week.

The flights from Aruba to Bonaire, or from Bonaire to Aruba, are initially operating four times a week, on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.  The flights on Sunday are non-stop from Aruba to Bonaire or return.  The flights on Monday, Thursday, and Friday will make a stop in Curacao, giving more flexibility for those who wish to travel from Bonaire to Curacao.

The aircraft can accommodate up to fifty passengers.

The aircraft being used is a Bombardier DRJ-200, commonly used as a corporate jet and it can accommodate up to fifty passengers, all in economy service.

How to make a reservation.

Their sales office is open at Flamingo Airport, or contact Aruba Airlines for more information or to make a reservation. Those on Bonaire may visit the office at the airport or telephone 717-6825. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.




Bonaire International Airport Offers Refuge to Winair during Hurricane Maria

Due to the passage of Hurricane “Maria” in the Windward Islands, Bonaire International Airport N.V. has offered support and refuge to regional carrier, Winair, for the safety of their aircraft.

A total of 4 “Twin Otters” arrived on Bonaire on Monday afternoon, 18 September, 2017. Bonaire International Airport N.V. (BIA) is pleased to give this support to Winair and our neighbor islands who are experiencing very difficult times.

Flamingo International Airport Offers Refuge to Aircraft During Hurricane Irma

Due to the passage of category 5 Hurricane “Irma” over the Windward Islands, Flamingo International Airport N.V. is supporting airlines and offering refuge to aircraft from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A total of 16 aircraft of various types such as “SAAB 340”, “Twinotter” and “Short 330” will be parked on the aprons of our airport and also two seaplanes type “Twinotter” from Seaborne will be landing ion the waters of Kralendijk Bay and will be stationed at the WEB buoy.

Bonaire International Airport N.V. (BIA) is happy to give our support to our neighboring islands who are experiencing very difficult times.

Sunwing Offers Introductory Fares for Flights Toronto to Bonaire

Sunwing will commence flights to Bonaire in mid-December 2017 by offering a weekly non-stop service from Toronto to Bonaire every Sunday on a Boeing 737-800 with a capacity of a 189 seats.

Now there is a limited-time special introductory fare for air-only of $595.00 per person, including all taxes and fees.  This special rate is valid for flights from Toronto to Bonaire on 17th December, 2017, 24th December, 2017 or 7th January, 2018.  Return flights on this fare are available 24th December, 2017, 31st December, 2017, 7th January, 2018, or 14th January, 2018.

All flights to or from Bonaire include Sunwing’s award-winning in-flight service with:

  • Welcome glass of sparkling wine
  • Free checked baggage up to 23 kilos
  • Extensive buy-on-board menu (additional charge)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • First-run movies
  • Kidcations Backpacks with games and toys
  • Free 5 kilo carry-on, with one free personal item.

Prices are for new bookings only and subject to change without notice. All flights are with Sunwing Airlines or Travel Service.  In-flight service varies by flights times, and other conditions may apply. Upgrades to Elite Plus Service are available for only $50.00 per person per flight.

For additional information, or to make a reservation, visit Sunwing’s website.

(Source:  Sunwing Airlines)





InselAir to Focus Upon Dutch Caribbean Destinations

InselAir is only flying within the Dutch Caribbean.

As a direct result of the continued grounding of a part of its fleet by the Aruban Civil Aviation Authorities since January 26, Curaçao-based InselAir says it has no choice but to temporarily suspend flights to all destinations outside of the Dutch Caribbean effective Wednesday, March 8.

International flights are temporarily suspended.

The measure includes service to Barquisimeto, Caracas, Georgetown, Haiti, Kingston, Las Piedras, Manaus, Medellin, Miami, Paramaribo, Port of Spain and Santo Domingo. Inter-island services to Aruba, Bonaire, and St. Maarten will remain in place. As soon as aircraft become available again, the carrier will look into re-launching some of its routes. In this case, passengers will be informed accordingly. Management expects to return to regular operations again by June of this year.

Passengers are being protected or their tickets refunded.

Passengers who are in possession of a ticket purchased via an InselAir ticket office or online via, will be granted a full refund, and will be contacted by the Customer Relations Department. Passengers who have purchased a ticket via a travel agent are strongly advised to contact their travel agent to have the refund processed.

Passengers who have already started their journey will be transferred to another airline and will be informed accordingly.

How can passengers contact InselAir?

The InselAir Customer Relations Team will use the contact details that passengers have provided upon their reservation/booking. In case passengers did not provide personal contact details upon their reservation/booking, we advise those to contact InselAir via +297 582 1200, +599 9 737 0444 or +1 855 493 6004 (Mon – Fri 7AM – 8PM & Sat – Sun 8AM – 8PM, UTC/GMT-4 local time) or via

InselAir regrets that it is forced to take these measures and sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused. InselAir’s teams will do their utmost to inform and support the affected passengers.

(Source:  InselAir)



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