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  • Minister of Interior Affairs Plasterk Visits BIA

    Last week Monday, 17 November, Minister Plasterk of Interior Affairs paid a visit to BIA, Bonaire International Airport, to acquaint himself with the many developments of the airport. Minister Plasterk was accompanied by the Head

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Aerial view of Bonaire International Airport

Bonaire International Airport from the air

SPECIAL NOTICE: November 19, 2014

BIA hereby announces that after the parking system at the Flamingo Airport was out of service for some time, this will soon be operational again. The parking system will be operational again on Monday, November 24, 2014.  The barriers at the several entrances will be operating normally again and when you enter the parking lot you will receive a parking ticket as usual. If you remain in the parking lot for more than the free time allowed, you will have to validate your parking ticket by paying at the pay machine in the public hall before leaving the parking lot.  We would also like to inform our clients with a parking subscription which was valid during the period the system was unserviceable, that they will receive an extension to their subscription equal to the number of days the system was unserviceable.  The parking subscription cards will be validated automatically by BIA Administration. For those of you with an expired subscription before the system became unserviceable or for any other questions you might have, please contact our Administration department: 717-5600 ext. 247 or 248.  We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Bon bini, or “welcome” to Bonaire International Airport, or, as it is more commonly called, Flamingo Airport.  Feel free to peruse our website, which offers real-time arrival and departure information, as well as in-depth detail on the airport’s operations, its latest news, and data regarding the organization’s structure.

In June, 2014, an extensive audit was held at Bonaire’s Flamingo International Airport, conducted by Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport from the Ministry Infrastructuur en Milieu, and was based on ICAO International Regulations. The aim was to determine whether the Flamingo Airport meets the conditions to be eligible for an Aerodrome Safety Certificate.  We’re happy to report that the audit results showed that BIA meets all requirements and that the disposition, organization, equipment and the safe use of the airport are in accordance with the applicable ICAO International regulations. As a result, the Dutch Secretary of State has issued a Safety Certificate to BIA.  This is a milestone for not only the airport, but especially for Bonaire, and it marks a point in its history. This makes Bonaire one of the first airports–if not the first–to be internationally certified in the region.

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