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BIA Completes TSA Security Audit with Exceptional Results

BIA CEO, Mr. Michael Nicolaas, reports:

“It is with great satisfaction and with a sense of pride that I can inform you that the US Department of Homeland Security TSA performed a three-day audit at our international airport of Bonaire (from 22nd September through 24 September, 2017) and found BIA to be in FULL compliance with all international standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

As I understand this is the very first time that BIA had an external audit from the TSA without any findings.

As CEO, I’m very grateful and proud of this EXCELLENT result that is primarily due to the professional leadership of BIA’s Airport Security Department under the dynamic supervision and direction of Mr. Tico Wanga, his eight supervisors and assistant team leaders and the overall staff of the Airport Security Department.”

Bonaire International Airport Offers Refuge to Winair during Hurricane Maria

Due to the passage of Hurricane “Maria” in the Windward Islands, Bonaire International Airport N.V. has offered support and refuge to regional carrier, Winair, for the safety of their aircraft.

A total of 4 “Twin Otters” arrived on Bonaire on Monday afternoon, 18 September, 2017. Bonaire International Airport N.V. (BIA) is pleased to give this support to Winair and our neighbor islands who are experiencing very difficult times.

Flamingo Airport Bonaire Gets New Aerodrome Control Tower

Flamingo Tower at Bonaire International Airport

Inauguration to Take Place September 15

On Friday, September 15, Bonaire will inaugurate a new state-of-the-art Aerodrome Control Tower at Flamingo International Airport. The tower’s inauguration will cap off the completion of phase 2a of the 15 year Master Plan for the expansion of the airport.

Mr. Michael Nicolaas, CEO of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) NV noted, “With the inauguration of the new Aerodrome Control Tower, Bonaire is demonstrating its commitment to ensuring safety, efficiency and the orderly in the handling of air traffic making use of the airport.” He continued,“Our vision at BIA is to become the Gateway to the Economy of Bonaire, and this tower is a significant milestone on our journey. ”

The tower is owned by Bonaire International Airport NV, and will be known as Flamingo Tower. The Air Traffic Service will be provided by The Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DC-ANSP), the Air Navigation Service Provider responsible for the Air Traffic Services (ATS) within the Curaçao Flight Information Region (FIR). As such, DC-ANSP operates three air traffic control facilities: the Area Control Centre and the Aerodrome Control Tower in Curaçao and the Aerodrome Control Tower in Bonaire.

The tower will be operational from 07:00 – 23:00hrs Local time (11:00 – 03:00 UTC / Greenwich Mean Time) and is fully compliant with the International Safety Standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). An initial staff of seven people will be employed to handle the current traffic at the airport, with DC-ANSP able to respond to any increase in air traffic demand that would require additional staff.

The new location of the Control Tower has an improved line of sight, providing the air traffic controllers a better view of the entire maneuvering area of the aerodrome used for the take-off, landing and taxing of aircraft. The state-of-the-art quality technical equipment and communication system facilitates the communication between the Control Tower and the air traffic (Pilots) and ensures a safe guidance and management of air traffic operations.

Mr. Nicolaas concluded,

“I would be remiss if I did not recognize the full support of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment responsible for the aviation safety on the BES Islands who made the building of the new Flamingo Tower possible.”




Flamingo International Airport Offers Refuge to Aircraft During Hurricane Irma

Due to the passage of category 5 Hurricane “Irma” over the Windward Islands, Flamingo International Airport N.V. is supporting airlines and offering refuge to aircraft from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A total of 16 aircraft of various types such as “SAAB 340”, “Twinotter” and “Short 330” will be parked on the aprons of our airport and also two seaplanes type “Twinotter” from Seaborne will be landing ion the waters of Kralendijk Bay and will be stationed at the WEB buoy.

Bonaire International Airport N.V. (BIA) is happy to give our support to our neighboring islands who are experiencing very difficult times.