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On July 13th, 2016, Bonaire International Airport welcomed a visit from the elderly of COCARI. The group consisted of 43 elderly people and 17 companions and was guided by Mr. Erwin Albertus.

Upon arrival, the elderly each received an “imitation boarding pass” and afterwards proceeded to the departure hall where they were treated to some refreshments while watching a presentation of the various airplanes that fly to and from Bonaire.  There, they  also received information of passenger capacity and destinations.

After the presentation, the tour continued onto the platform where the RFFS gave a short demonstration to the elderly of their crash tender CT-3 and where the elderly got the opportunity to view the firefighters in their fire suits up close and personal.

Following the demonstration they continued to the arrival hall and unto the public area where they were treated to some cultural music before returning to COCARI.

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