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KNMI was asked to take part by Bonaire International Airport (BIA) in the 11th edition of the IASC, the Islands Airport Safety Committee. The IASC deals with the safety and quality of airports in the region. During this conference, which was held in Bonaire at the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, KNMI gave a presentation on its activities in general and specifically on those for Bonaire airport.

KNMI mainly briefed the participants on their authorized observations that relate to infrastructure and services. KNMI provides the Bonaire airport, and its users (such as airlines and GA (private jets and recreational traffic)), with current and expected weather conditions at the airport.

With this, KNMI contributes to a safe and efficient handling of the air traffic on Bonaire. KNMI ensures the early availability of products and services and this has been drawn up in a Service Level Agreement with the airport.

KNMI’s weather and expected conditions, including any warnings, can be viewed on the BIA web site.

(Source:  RCN)